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JCPenney is a Texas-based department store chain; JCPenney in the United States has more than 840 locations worldwide. Of these, 49 sites are in the United States and Puerto Rico. JCPenney specializes in apparel, cosmetics, footwear, home appliances, toys, electronics, housewares, furniture, and more. In addition, JCPenney also offers an extensive collection of fine jewelry. It is also home to many rental organizations, such as Seattle’s Best Coffee, portrait studios, and optical centers.JCPenney-Credit-Card Today, all citizens of the world have smartphones in their hands. Thanks to smartphones, they can efficiently carry out their financial transactions, purchases, and many other tasks through online mode. This page presents the mobile application used by JCPenny credit card holders and purchasers.

JCPenney – Shopping & Coupons App For Shoppers And Cardholders

JCPenney Store has launched its new mobile app called JCPenney – Shopping & Coupons. It has been available since February 2012 and offers shopping and coupons. It is available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon App Store. Mobile users can download this app on their smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

Features Of JCPenney-Shopping & Coupons App

1.) The Option To Add Coupons To Your Wallet

With the new Wallet feature, not only is it easy to access coupons and weekly rewards, but you can also save them! When purchasing through the app, you can use the JCPenney Credit Card coupons or show the barcodes to any JCPenney employee to apply them to your order.JCPenney-Credit-Card-Mobile-App

2.) JCPenney Credit Card

With our new account management tool, you can view your balance and pay your bill, as well as view exclusive offers for JCPenney credit cardholders.

3.) Shop Like A Pro

Our furniture has everything you need with a modern design and an affordable price. Preview products by scanning them in-store! Our True Fit tool provides fit and size recommendations for each style.

Steps For Installing The JCPenny-Shopping & Coupons App

  • Open your device (smartphones, tablets, iPad) in Android or Apple.
  • Open your device’s Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, or Mac Apple Store.
  • Please search for the JCPenney Shopping And Coupons app and download it to your device.
  • Once the download is complete, the app will automatically install on your device. Make sure your device has a good internet connection and enough storage space.