The JCPenney credit card is a complex credit card to accept. Credit cards are no longer loyal to the consumer as they are the most advertised credit cards. The card’s features revolve around exclusive sales and discounts for department store network customers.JCPenney-Credit-Card The JCPenney Credit Card from Synchrony Bank is a store card that offers incentives based on the amount spent. It has many benefits that you can apply and use for purchases, payments, and credit summaries. Let’s talk about JCPenney card financing.

Benefits Of JCPenney Credit Card

New Cardholders Get A 15% Off Coupon

Today, most rewards credit cards offer a welcome bonus. Store credit cards often provide a one-time bonus discount. A new JCPenney Credit Card user who signs up online will receive a 15% discount on their first card purchase.

No Annual Card Fee

Managing your account is free. With no annual fee, you can keep shopping for Christmas or spring fashion without worrying about paying for a card you don’t use.

First Purchase Discount

  • The online app offers eligible cardholders 15% off clothing, footwear, accessories, fine jewelry, hair care, select furniture and mattresses, and home purchases.
  • Get 5% off electronics (including TVs), Modern BrideĀ® Design Your Dream ring, and smartwatches.
  • Only available in US stores, save 15% on blinds and custom shades and 5% on major appliances.

Benefits From JCPenney Credit Card Rewards Program

  • JCPenney Red (Cardholder)

JCPenney Red offers exclusive benefits and 150+ days of credit savings. It translates into various percentage and dollar discount coupons, special events you can participate in to earn bonus points, and other non-cardholder promotions.

  • JCPenney Gold

You can earn a JCPenney Gold membership by spending $500 or more at JCPenney with your JCPenney credit card during the calendar year. This card tier offers all the benefits of the JCPenney Red tier and includes receiving a coupon book.

  • JCPenney Platinum

JCPenney Platinum is the highest tier card in the program and qualifies by spending $1,000 or more on JCPenney using the JCPenney credit card.